Generosity, Collaboration, and Excellence drive the Cove Wealth Management culture

As an independent, fee-only team of investment managers, financial advisors, and wealth coordinators, we bring technical excellence and personal engagement to navigate transitions and opportunities along with client families. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS ™ and experts in generosity planning, we collaborate with professionals both internally and externally to cut through the noise of life and media.

Investment Management


Our objective is to align our interests with our clients' interests by providing value-added investment services on a fee-only basis. We do not sell products or have alliances that would compromise our clients’ interests.

Wealth Coordination


This collaborative approach identifies the story and purpose of an affluent family and refines the professional service team, to be effective & purpose driven.

Financial Planning


Planning provides peace of mind and a clear direction in a chaotic world.
We are a team of experienced, diverse CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS.

Client Profile

Cove Wealth Management clients define success as financial security that translates to enhanced generosity and strengthened priority relationships. 



 Our individual clients are typically business owners, corporate executives, or successful professionals. The common thread is a desire to grow and manage wealth with clarity and purpose by implementing realistic strategies that allow individuals to rule their money, and not the other way around.


Wealth transfer encompasses material possessions and personal values. Cove Wealth Management provides the perspective to educate and influence multiple generations as we act as investment managers, advisors, and a collaborative resource for family attorneys and legal professionals. We have strategic relationships to provide and navigate corporate trustee services when appropriate.


 Effective, purpose-driven teams are designed on purpose. Families with a net worth between $20 and $200 million often find building out their professional team of investment managers, legal advisors, CPAs, and business service providers to be daunting and expensive. Our proven process leverages strategic collaboration between our in-house talent and professionals across the country to design custom Family Office teams that fit a family’s unique needs.
That is Wealth Coordination.