Malcolm S. Morris

Business Counsel, Firm Partner


Born and raised in Houston, Mr. Morris has enjoyed being active in his local community, particularly with the First Baptist Church of Houston as a past chairperson of deacons. He was also involved with Living Water International and Millennium Water Alliance as the co-founder and chairperson emeritus.


During an earlier stage of his career, Mr. Morris served as an examiner for Stewart Title Austin Inc. He subsequently moved into several upper level management positions with Stewart Title Guaranty Company in Houston, from vice president of operations to the chairperson and chief executive officer over the next three decades. He worked for another 19 years with SISCO, first as the chairperson and co-chief executive officer and then as the vice chairperson until retirement. Outside of his commitments to the family business, he provided his expertise as an analyst for the Bank of the Southwest, as a business manager for Richard Hogue Evangelism Inc. and as a consultant for Morris, Lendais, Hollrah & Snowden PC, a law firm that specializes in real estate.


In recent years, Mr. Morris has become involved in the for-profit side of water. He has collaborated extensively with Weathermatic, a company based in Texas and a leader in smart water technology that saves approximately 50 percent of outdoor water use by using their patented technology. Mr. Morris also created a new company recently, Cronus Capital Partners LLC, which is a privately-held holding company that focuses on fracking and providing a green solution that is profitable.



  • Stewart Information Services Corporation (SISCO), Vice Chairperson Emeritus

  • Morris, Lendais, Hollrah & Snowden PC, Consultant

  • Richard Hogue Evangelism Inc, Business Manager

  • Bank of the Southwest, Analyst

  • Living Water International and Millennium Water Alliance, Co-Founder, Chairperson Emeritus

  • Stewart Title Insurance Company, Board Member

  • Stewart Title Guaranty Company, VP of operations, Chairperson, CEO

  • Stewart Title Austin Inc, Examiner


  • University of Texas, Master of Business Administration, 1972

  • University of Texas, Doctor of Jurisprudence, 1970

  • Southern Methodist University, BA Business Administration, 1968